Seasonal People

Often time we get discouraged when we look around and see the people we feel should be in our corner rooting us on are not there. We may make a big step in life  and look to those people for their validation and approval and when they tend not to show up or help us as we feel they should then we begin to shut down and not allow anyone in. But, sometimes we have to go thru those seasonal times with those seasonal people in order to get to the place God has called us to be. One day they will be here and the next day they are gone and it’s okay. We have to remember that seasonal people be it family, friends, lovers, etc have a role to play in our life and when their time is up we have to learn to move on. One thing I had to learn was when you continue you to chase people God has already remove then you’ll continue to be hurt and disappointed. He only allowed them to be part of your story, they aren’t main characters and while you may wish that best friend of 10-20 years would be there for everything, or that high school sweetheart will forever love you and no one else, or even that family member wouldn’t have stop talking to you or turned their back on you when you needed them the most it just doesn’t happen that way. you have people in your life for a lifetime or a lesson and until you learn the different between the two you will keep repeating the same cycle of chasing people and getting disappointed. one thing we have to remember is seasonal people are apart of the plan but it does not complete the story. You hold the pen to your story and every chapter written has to teach you something in order to help you grow. To encourage you I leave you with this!!! Understand that everyone can not and will not go where you go. Remember you hold the pen to your story and seasonal people are apart of the plan. But, stay true to your self, believe in your self, and continue to trust the plan. Be Content! Be Happy! Be You!!!

Turn The Page!!

Here we are at the beginning of a new year!! Some of you are wondering why you haven’t received the blessings you feel you deserve or why does it same like in your words “its a new year but why am I going thru the same things?” Well as long as you keep rereading and reopening 2016 book, 2015 book, 1999 book, 1989 book, etc you will continue to walk in the pains of the past. By now you should have matured and let go.. its time to let go of what the past brought you. Let go of lies, hurt,un-forgiveness, go back and shut those doors!!!!! Not tomorrow but right now!!! Go back close those chapters of the past and move on. Its time to walk into your full calling, to reap your full harvest. God is the author of your story and you are the co-author how will your story end is totally up to you!!! You can’t access you new book (life) if you are still reopening and reading the old ones(past)!!! TURN THE PAGE TODAY!!!


Favor Ain’t Fair!

Have you notice when you get blessed people tend to flee? Have you notice when you get thing unexpectedly people begin to question where and how you got it. See what they don’t know is the many times you have cried, the many times you have prayed, they didn’t see the time you almost let go, the time you said enough is enough and wanted to simply walk away. People are so quick to judge the outward appearance that they have no clue what you went thru to get where you are. See they talked about you when you was down, they talked about you when you didn’t have a thing, and some even walked out at the moment you needed them most!! But, the thing is they didn’t believe like you believe, they didn’t trust God like you. So, when you begin to grasp hold of the unexpected they said you was stealing, they told you that you was sleeping with this one and that one to get what you wanted,they even said it was temporarily, and let’s not forget the ones who said aww he just lucky or she just lucky!! No No No No baby luck had nothing and I mean nothing to do with it. We serve a God who does anything but fail. No, so the next time your receive the unexpected and people are trying to figure out whats going on look them right in their face and tell them But God!! Tell them no sir no mam this had nothing to do with luck and everything to do with God.. Then Tell them FAVOR AIN’T FAVOR.. Smile,Wave, Keep Going!!


Often time we a stuck in the same little bubble because we are afraid of change. But today I want to encourage you to step outside of your bubble. The reason your dreams aren’t coming alive is simply because you’re trapped in a bubble and being stuck in that bubble limits you options. You often time say well I want to get a better job, I want to be a millionaire, I want to know God more than what I do now but the truth of the matter is as long as you stay stuck in the bubble then nothing will be able to come forth. Let’s break it down a little more so you can understand come out of tradition!!!LET’S BREAK THE CYCLE OF TRADITION!!!  If you do what your parents did you’ll get the same result as your parents. If you do what grandma did and cousin and aunt did, then you will continue to get what each of them has gotten. You have to set goals that fits your need if you want to be a doctor you can follow mama and go to college from a teaching degree. You have to trust and know that once you step outside of your bubble, your tradition, your comfort zone and have faith and I mean crazy faith that God will give you your heart desire. So Today I’m challenging to pop the bubble and get out. A motto That I came up with and now go by says “You can have a millionaire dream with a penny mindset” Step outside your bubble Now and go forth, follow your dreams, don’t wait on so and to come and hold your hand it’s Your Dream!!! No one can pop your bubble for you it’s an inside job and it has to come out. Once again I encourage you to pop that bubble and step out!! Don’t let you dreams die because you’re scared to try something new, scared to step outside your bubble, scared to apply faith because of what someone will think. Pray! Have Faith! STEP OUTSIDE YOUR BUBBLE!!!

Hang On and Don’t Let Go!!

How many times have you considered throwing in the towel? How many times have you said “hey nobody else cares so, why should I”, or maybe you’ve been like me so close to the edge that suicide was your finally option? Well I’m here to tell you “hang on and don’t let go”. You maybe saying to yourself “what am I hanging on to?” and “why shouldn’t I let go”. To answer your question hang on to your faith,hope, joy, peace and despite what maybe going on in your life hang on to the one who died on the cross for you & me (Jesus). Life sometimes get you down but it totally up to you and me if we chose to stay down. Family and friends will disappoint you wife,husband,boyfriend,and girlfriend will even walk out on you and the main people you feel should be there won’t( your dream is not their dream)!!! You have to accept it and move on.. accept the fact you’re set aside for a purpose and where God plans to take you, you can’t entertain tag-a-long type people. Now once God remove your stumbling blocks be it people, things, or even a bad habit let it be and do not pick it up again(it’s a hindrance)… I encourage you to “hang on and don’t let go” it’s purpose in your praise and a breakthrough at the end of your battle!! Press

May God Bless You!!

Souls NOT Clothes

Nowadays we are losing way more souls than we are drawing. And the problem is the judgement in the church.

Every time someone come they leave and never return or they simple feel uncomfortable so they miss everything GOD is trying to give them.

See the young lady who decided to wear pants today  you ran up to here but instead of showing love you begin to attack her about he clothing choice. But, what you did not know it was all she had, as a matter fact she didn’t even know to wear anything different all she wanted was love(soul lost). The guy who attended church today you came in sagging but instead of politely asking to pull up his pants you instantly begin to attack him..but what you didn’t know was the young man came in off the street and was hoping to change his life of drugs, sex and gang banging so he left(another soul lost). Because clothes mattered to you at the time instead of love you allowed them to walk out the way they came in. We are to caught up on a person outer appearance instead of teaching them the way to go. We are losing way to many soul because of judgement in the church!!  Did you think that maybe that person was homeless, or maybe sister so and so was going thru and all she needed was a hug.Maybe just maybe they have be taught the proper way to dress but instead of helping them you judged them just as the world do. You have to learn to show people love beyond the pants they put on, or the short dress the young sister wore, or even the guy you came sagging. Please are constantly turning from church because its more judgement than love. The goal is to draw souls not clothes. Learn to love people inspite of..whatever you do for GOD let it be real and judgement ain’t it!! After all you didn’t change overnight so how do we expect anyone else to. Love on them the change will come.




So I want to talk about acceptance for a brief minute with you. First lets find out what acceptance means, the dictionary says acceptance is” the action or process of being received as adequate or suitable, typically to be admitted into a group.” Now, its many people out here and nowadays there are so many cliques, groups, besties etc etc but because of this we have gotten in the habit of judging people and if they aren’t like us we frown upon them and reject them being it the color of their skin, the clothes they wear, or even how they talk we still cast them down and count them out. We have kids out here and some adults that really want to be accepted in other words they want to FIT IN and some where along the line they have experienced rejection and have been frown upon weather by a parent,friend, or social group so they began to feel worthless, low self esteem began to set in and before long they begin to think about suicide so because of the rejection, the let down, the being talked about because of what their NOT they start to find acceptance in other forms such as drugs, the streets, they began to steal and ruin their lives and other all because they want the attention and acceptance from peers. How can you help (STOPPPPP JUDGING) and start embracing. When you can’t accept someone for who they are without them having to change the problem isn’t them it YOU(check you self first). Learn to embrace people flaws and all because no matter how a person looks, sounds, or dress to fit in with you they never will…we were all created different. And for anyone out their battling acceptance I encourage you to first of all learn to accept yourself for who you are, know that you was born to stand out. Embrace you flaws and most importantly LOVE yourself. What the world thinks of you DON’T MATTER, what your so-called friend view you as DON’T MATTER..what’s important is SELF-LOVE and knowing your worth!!

You Are Great!

You Are Somebody!

You Are Victorious!

I encourage you to accept yourself flaws and all!!

God Bless You!!!!

Bullying(Part One)

Bullying has become a rapid trend that is forever  growing. Either you are the bully or you have and/or being bullied. although there a many more signs lets take a look at a few that I have researched.

  • Unexplainable Injuries
  • difficulty sleeping/nightmares
  • Changes in eating habits
  • withdrawal from friends and activities
  • Worried,Angry, Moody
  • Declining Schoolwork
  • Quieter than Normal
  • Ripped Clothing
  • Drop in Grades
  • Lost or Destroyed Belongings

This is only to name a few. Now is you spot these or other signs ,what can you do to help?

First off please please get it out your head that it’s not your place to say something, that is not you business, and GET HELP!!! You need to take a stand for the person in this situation whom can not help themselves. I encourage you to seek help if you are the person being bullied(email me through my contact tab for resources in your area.) And if you are “The Bully”I encourage you to STOP!! You do not know the damage you are doing to people. Maybe you was once bullied and that is all you know my advise would be to SEEK Help.!!! Take A Stand Now( part two coming soon.. also check out my polls and vote please!!

💜You’re Beautiful💜

Someone has told you that you are ugly, that you will never amount to anything. They also mentioned because of your parents past mistakes you will be destined to follow the same trend, they also told you that no one would ever want anything like you. They crushed your spirit, they tore you down! But, I’m here to encourage you and let you know despite what has been planted in your heart, your mind, and deep within your soul you are beautiful and you are somebody! You are destined  for greatness..what your mama did(it’s not you) what your father did(thats not you either) So next time someone speak these lies to you..Laugh in their face and say I am somebody, I am destined for greatness, and I am Beautiful👌